Resources and Links

Writing Resources
Instruction & Advice
Holly Lisle’s Writers’ Boot Camps: Holly Lisle–writing teacher, guru and coach. Go there, think differently, be the writer you dream of being.
Writing Excuses: Inspiration, encouragement and instruction from peeps who know
Helping Writers Become Authors: It’s like having a skilled writer as a friendly neighbor. Her relaxed style and good advice makes you want to pour a cuppa, hang out by the fence and chat.
K.M. Rice: One of the founding sisters of the “Happy Hobbit,” she’s a kick-ass writer with a wicked sense of humor. Go watch her Youtube vids for a serious feel-good and you-can-do-this vibe.

Creative Writing Inspiration: Just what it says; lots of good stuff.
Roleplaying Tips: Johnn Four is the man…plenty of inspiration here! NOT just for table-top RPGers.
Seventh Sanctum: A Serious Kick-ass collection of generators

Science Fiction and Fantasy World: Killer Sci-Fi & Fantasy writing community
NaNoWriMo You CAN do it…and work full time…and raise kids…and sleep–a little anyway.

Helpful Software
Freedom: For those of us with a weakness for browsing…and wasting time browsing
Scrivener ROCKS! Oh, yes it does!

Music Resources
I usually listen to epic soundtracks: “The Last Samurai,” “The Kingdom of Heaven,” “Ben-Hur” (the 1950’s original!), Jackson’s LoTR soundtracks, but when I need something else…
Radio nan Gàidheal: For the Gael in me!
Radio Rivendell: My go-to for writing music [not Safari friendly though :-(]

A Few of My Favorite Authors and Series
Literary Parents
Andre Norton’s Witch World: From a Master-of-Fantasy and SciFi with an average book length of 180 pages; we could do with following in her footsteps!
Barsoomia: “John Carter, we still live!”
The Expanse: Because it’s ALL that!
Firefly: Truth; the world could use some ‘big damn heroes’ right about now!
The Tolkien Society: Because it should be about the books!
No Star Wars Hope: A Star Wars fan since I stood in line on my 16th birthday to see the opening of “A New Hope,” but…I just can’t anymore…I just can’t 😦

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