About “The Salamander’s Quill”

The Salamander’s Quill is meant to be a literary travel-log of sorts, a journal of my misadventures toward a finished book, but, like many another would-be writer blog, it is an odd, sometimes clumsy, mix of one part awkward attempt to establish a professional platform, one part honest struggle toward achieving various writing goals, and one part lonely voice-crying-in-the-wilderness. I hope to keep the whining at a minimum.

As an apprentice with much to learn in the craft, I will offer no sage advice, no awkward excerpts from my latest manuscript, nor presumptuous ‘how-to’ instructions. I will, however, record my honest observations, experiences, and reflections, along with the occasional rant, as I do my best to navigate the heavy heat and inferno of the modern writers’ crucible. If that is helpful or encouraging to others, I’m truly pleased, but such is a happy and unlooked for circumstance and not by design.

That being said, oh gentle reader, I plan to fight this writing fight and win. Though I may be consumed by the fires of personal and professional criticism alike; burned by acidic editors, naysayers and negativity; scarred by harrowing and searing rewrites, false-starts and scarring experience, I will emerge with my dream achieved: a story written, a manuscript revised and ultimately a book in hand.

Thus, if you are looking for a fellow sufferer struggling to cultivate desire into determination, drive and discipline, look no further. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a silver bullet or magic bean, I humbly suggest you move along to those more knowledgeable than I.


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