About “The Salamander’s Quill”

The Salamander’s Quill is like many another would be-writers’ blog: part fledgling attempt at establishing a professional platform, part chronicle of the struggle toward achieving various writing goals, and part frustrated and lonely-voice-crying-in-the-wilderness. It is meant to be a travel-log of sorts, a journal of my adventure toward a finished book.

As an amateur with much to learn, I will offer no sage advice, no exciting excerpts nor presumptuous ‘how-to’ instructions. I will, however, record my honest observations, experiences, reflections and occasional rants as I do my best to navigate the heavy heat and inferno of the modern writers’ crucible. If such is helpful or encouraging to others, I’m pleased but such is a happy and unlooked for circumstance and not my intention.

That being said, oh gentle reader, I plan to fight this fight and win. Though I may be consumed by the fires of personal and professional criticism alike; burned by acidic editors, naysayers and negativity; scarred by harrowing and searing rewrites, false-starts and experiences, I will emerge with my dream achieved, my story written, my manuscript revised and ultimately my book in hand.

Thus, if you are looking for a fellow sufferer struggling to cultivate desire into determination, drive and discipline, look no further. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a magic bullet or bean, I humbly suggest you move along to those more knowledgeable than I.


Sunwolfe has written in a haphazard fashion since he was young and still has the embarrassing pre-adolescent poetry and journal entries to prove it. He has been a devout, if not methodical, journaleer since about the age of 10 or 11. He is an occasional poet when inspiration strikes, enjoys writing letters and autobiographical allegories based on his life experiences. He has always had the desire to write a novel length manuscript, but fell into the habit of developing background materials for his “someday” ambition. After thousands of words and nearly half a century, he realized three things: though the volume of material was impressive, it was paramount to avoidance behavior—he believes this may have been born of a fear of not finishing—and that as a result of indulging it to the extreme, he had become addicted to world building for its own sake. Ultimately, he realized he was getting no younger and decided it was “now or never.” In August of ’10, and after more than a few false starts, he began to write in earnest. Since then he has been pursuing his ambition with a vengeance constructing plot outlines, writing short-stories, vignettes and one-scene shorts, reading writing how-to books, exploring writing classes and attempting various NoWriMos.

Sunwolfe has many interests: he is a devoted student of the Great Highland Bagpipe and member of various Gaelic cultural societies, a high school teacher of literature and academic writing, an amateur swordsman, armchair archaeologist, avid gamer (table-top), would-be whiskey connoisseur, band-widower, wood and soapstone carver, neophyte naturalist, eclectic book collector and lover of dogs and all kinds of music. Above all however, he is a writer and therein lies his true passion. He counts himself lucky to be surrounded by creative people, married to an amazing woman and blessed with supportive many friends. Because of this, his hopes are high that he will one day be a published author.

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