Things are changing. The Autumn Leaves are still out on the Sundancian. The raid on the shipyards will have to wait a bit longer. I’m presently in the 10th day of the July Novel Writing Month and am happy to report that things are progressing nicely toward the 50k word-count mark unlike last year’s disaster. I wanted to do 60k and still may, but if I only get to 50, I’ll consider it a victory. I have no illusions or delusions of grandeur, so I won’t honor 50k with the appellation of “novel.” Even “novella” is a stretch in the true Decameronian sense of the word.

The story, “The Kevodran” is set in the same world and in generally the same time frame as “Marchers.” Its genesis was as a final in a Fairy Tales class I just finished in June. I wrote close to 12,000 words of it before July and since the start of the NoWriMo added nearly 17,000. I have a feeling, however, that this particular story will be done as a first draft long before the end of the month and before the 50k mark. If that is the case, then I’ll shift gears and pick up a story I started for my Fairy Tales mid-term in December of ’10, “The Three Moon Maidens” which will close out the word requirement nicely. It too is set in the same milieu, albeit a little earlier in the timeline.

Why the short stories? I don’t know. It could be because I can’t think of how to get the equivalent of an ancient army across a countryside prepared for war without being detected. I keep thinking of reasons the plot won’t work…everything from supply problems to the rationalization for why citizen farmers from another city-state…on the far side of a very tall mountain chain no less…would be even remotely tempted to invade a country that boasts a professional legion. I don’t really know. I just know where my heads at and it’s in Anchetai’s Royal Tomb complex on the Heluj’jin Plateau with the Kevodran Efrahm of the Hailahss and the irreverent Selt the tomb robber.

I have an observation to make about the JulNoWriMo. Actually I have more than one, but as they are all pretty cranky, I’ll curtail the rant and field just this one: why are they all so bloody young? Why in the hell are none of them born after ’91? I swear, its HOL all over again: I’m the old guy. I won’t talk to them. I mean they call 50k a novel. Holy-crap! Do they realize that Homer’s Iliad is 140k? JKR’s HP and the Order of the Phoenix was over a quarter of a million words? J.R.R.T.’s The Lord of the Rings a cool 470k? And the Bible, an amazing million words! And they call 50K a “novel.” Many of them even claim more than one novel. Few if any seem to have revised or edited their RDs into something better.

I guess maybe it has a lot to do with not having limits. God Bless ’em no one told them how ridiculous is sounds to claim over 100,000 words in less than 10 days! And that’s why they do it.

Originally posted in the now deleted “Marchers of Khaldenthea” blog and The Salamander’s Quill 1.0