A hundred thousand welcomes, laddie! My third grandchild and first grandson arrived yesterday at about 01:30 in the afternoon! My amazing daughter and number-one son-in-law did an inspiring job—his: being a patient solid pillar of strength and hers: the heroic task of bringing young Lùcas into the world. Things were a little touch and go toward the end as mom began to flag strength-wise, but she rallied and brought the boy forth to the delighted applause of about nine nurses, her doctor, husband and mother. Though great-grandmother and I had been shooed from the birthing room as the main-event began, we were privy aurally to all that went on but a few steps away. Later, when we were all allowed back into the room, it was a further joy for me to see big-sister Ceilidh take her first look at little-brother and check to make sure mom was okay. We are all so thrilled. My brother assured me that the lad would be quite please himself to have been born on brathair mo seannair’s birthday

They have named him Lùcas, but intend to call him “Lewey, or Lughaidh the “Shinging One” in the Gaelic…and that suits me just fine—not that seannair’s opinion means a whole lot, but there it is and I am pleased nonetheless.

Mom and bairn are doing great and hope to go home this evening. What a wonderful, wonderful day…a day that will only be matched when my fourth grandchild, another sweet lassie this time, is due in but a few short weeks!

Originally posted in The Salamander’s Quill 1.0 now deleted.