Walking into the Avalon theatre was like entering a darker version of “The Labyrinth.” Had David Bowie dressed up as his Jareth, the Goblin King character walked past, I would not have been much surprised. The Avalon is one of those old style art deco and earlier theatres. Red velvets, golden brocades flashing from sofa, wall and rug, terracotta scroll-work soaring into the lofty darkness above, mirrored walls and padded doors, plaster faces tinted with gold peering from the shadows, dimly lit salons tucked here and there that looked to be right out of “The Shining.” The denizens themselves came in ever shape and size: leather and gossamer, silk and brocade, tiny hats and elbow length gloves, tuxedoes of every hue and color, stockings and scarves, ruby cuff-links and flashing tiaras, ball gowns with feathered head pieces, satin sheaths accented with diamonds and dark mascara, robes from Africa, pencil skirts and black stilettos from Sax, Soviet style uniforms sprouting from thigh-high Dom-boots, cowboys with brown leather vests and faces sporting guitars over their shoulders like rifles, metal heads over six feet tall hair wild eyes aglow with whiskey fume burn, dark suited security guards complete with mirror shades and ear in coil.

Marirose, as one of the performers at the 21st Los Angeles Music Awards, was given the royal treatment. There was a red carpet and an army of paparazzi…just like in the movies about—well, about events like this. LOL! When she was on that red carpet with Sandra, the bulbs were flashing like stars and the photographers jostling each other like hounds for position. It was an amazing feeding frenzy. As each new celebrity or would-be celebrity hit the carpet the calling and snapping, maneuvering and subtle, and not so subtle, shoving would begin again. Under the bright lights and in the wave after wave of camera flashes, I hardly recognized my wife, she was glowing like the sun, her black dress and sparkling heels the uniform of another world. She was then whisked off by Kong Radio personality Buddaman for and interview. I look forward to hearing it on the internet. I was standing outside a crowd of about 200 people trying to get a glimpse of her and see how she was doing. It was an amazing moment of disconcert and an epiphany. Ah, A metaphor, so powerful, about how the world changes. Would anyone but a writer understand it?

We entered the theatre and settled in after a few false starts into the VIP lounge with posh couches and low tables for drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Marirose and her Gypsies weren’t scheduled to perform, but she was up and down visiting people, making the most of a magical evening. I cared the bag of shoes and change of clothes she would need just before she went on.

I myself was dressed in my Bell family tartan and kilt with a charcoal gray Argyle jacket, black shirt and kilt-hose and thought it looked nice next to her dress.

We ate and drank watched both the performances and the giving of awards, as well as the amazing parade of people, as they drifted past our area and out onto the floor of the theatre where the next tier on the celebrity ladder, actors and actresses, former Miss this-or-thats, Jame’s Brown’s wife, the late Michael Jaskson’s bassist, athletes and politicians, if not out right cutting edge celebrities then definitely part of the “A” leagues. I noticed that most of the artists, how were there to see if they’d won an award or were there to perform, did not have places down on the that floor. They were in the bars or in the lounges socializing talking shop and making connections. Another metaphor?

Eventually it was Marirose’s turn to perform. She had exchanged her black dress for a sapphire blue one with sequins and beads: awesome. As they were performing their single selection, a guy from the floor who’d had too much to drink got up on stage and started dancing, the guy had to be escorted from the stage, but he was a pretty peaceful guy telling the security, “…I was just feelin’ it, man…feelin’ the music…” Marirose thought it was funny, and the crowd certainly did, but Marirose’s drummer was not too happy about it. In the end though, he saw that it might just have been for the best in terms of good feelings and positive publicity.

Things got a little rushed at the end as some of those honored with “Achievement Awards” were a bit drunk and had no business being responsible for such a heavy part of the ceremony. I won’t go beyond that, but I must admit to being rather embarrassed for the promoter and organizer who I know works so hard to put on the Awards. He was not well served by his heavy-hitter celebrities.

Marirose was nominated for three awards: Best Female Vocalist; Best Americana Blue, Roots Single “Hiding Me” and Hot Adult Contemporary Album Under My Skin. I am proud and nearly full to bursting to announce that she received the Vocalist and Album awards! We were all walking on clouds, from her bass player—he was so excited—to her mother-in-law, to the band photographer, to the support crew. We out of our minds with happy for her and proud of her. I can hardly recall it without choking up. To have worked so hard, to have sacrificed so much and put so much of herself out there—three albums, material in the works for a fourth, the Gallo Arts Center show, opening for Michael MacDonald, hundreds of practices and gigs, song writing sessions, hours at the key board, years and years of effort—to finally receive some of the recognition due her…it was so overwhelming.

I am so proud of my wife, so happy for her. She is such an inspiration to me. I hope that this is for her but another step on the way to reaching her dreams of musical success. I know many people never make it this far, but I am not surprised my girl has. She is just that kind of focused and driven individual. She’s got a seriously cool single that the band believes has a lot of potential. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them lay down some rough tracks in but a few days.

What a wild ride these last few days have been. Now if I can just get my own creative demons under some semblance of control, maybe I can get a few things done, like finish this month’s manuscript!

Originally posted in The Salamander’s Quill 1.0 now deleted.