Since last Saturday, I’ve been sick. I almost know the exact time I felt my cold/sinus infection make itself known. I had taken my mom out to an hour at the book store and then some lunch. We were on our way back to my house for a cup of coffee and some conversation, when I felt the tell-tale itch in the back of my throat that signals the onset of post-nasal drip and a serious bout of cold.

I’ve found the older I get, the longer it takes a cold to run its course and for me to recover. This has been no exception. It’s Saturday, a week later, and I’m still not fully recovered. Part of that has to do with having to work for two days. Lecturing on Monday damn near killed my voice. I’m so happy we had Thanksgiving on Wednesday. Without the momentum of working Monday and Tuesday, I’m not sure I could have made it had there been a Wednesday lull before a Thursday Turkey Day.

As it turned out, we got all our entertaining finished on Wednesday and for the last two days I’ve been able to convalesce here at home while Marirose works. I got up on both Thursday and Friday and give myself permission to be sick. I tried to do some writing, but just didn’t feel creative enough to sustain the effort through all the coughing and sniffling. I played Oblivion for an hour instead, took a nap for two to three, got up, ate, played Oblivion again, took another nap in the afternoon for two or thee hours, woke up and visited with my wife for a bit. She’d crash about 22:00 at the latest. I’d hang out for a bit and then crashed myself about an hour later.  Both days were like that: lots of sleep and mindless monster slaying. Yesterday night, I started feeling “worried” about reaching my NaNoWriMo goal and knew I was getting better.

Thus, today, here I am, dropping a note into the Void to say, “I’m on it.” It’s going to take some serious sprinting over the next five days, but I’m pretty confident I can make it. I’ve got over $400.00 in pledges on my fund-raising page and I don’t want to disappoint. What a great crew. They know they probably won’t see a copy of Scions for years if at all, but they have faith in me enough to throw some cash at OLL. I don’t plan on letting them down.

Originally posted in The Salamander’s Quill 1.0 now deleted.