Of all the things I hate…hate…loath…not being able to make a post look like I want it to rates pretty high. For example, if I want to write dialogue in this post, I cannot indent my paragraphs. I have to settle for block paragraphs, which to my teacher/writer sensibilities is anathema. This is not a frackin’ business document. I also very much dislike having my paragraphs automatically double spaced when hitting enter. I loath not being able to change the size, color or style of my font with a simple key stroke. How hard is it to have a blog function similarly to a word-processor document? I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that my Wordpad is more robust than this mockery. Block dialogue looks simply amateur and colloquial.

I transferred over my posts from Blogger, but the fonts are all over the place, colors are off, indenting is gone, format looks like shit. Trying to edit them to get them to look the way I want them to is not working out. There are too many things this style-sheet or WTF-ever seems unable to do, so I’m being forced to reformat in Word and Notepad, delete the post and re-publish it. What a pain in the ass.

Though I know I’ll be happier later on, I am not looking forward to the learning curve required to digest CSS and put it into practice. All that time…

Hold Music

…18 hours later it’s as done as it’s gonna get for now. I am going to get a book on CSS in addition to wading through all the Maddog tutorials for a second time. I only want a few changes, which seem to me simple, but it’s still going to take digesting a lot. So be it.

Once again, welcome to the new digs.