Papapavalos Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken     In the end, it was Craigslist that did it. Yesterday a big hearted lady of the highest caliber, a Dog-Lady, responded to my post: “I have your dog…”. Music, simply music.
     As soon as I saw the email, I phoned my wife from work and within half an hour Bella, the sneaky bitch, was home no worse for wear. Marirose relates that the dog seemed to take it all in stride with a “Hi, mom; where ya been?” sort of attitude. Callista, on the other hand, was thrilled to see her “sister” safely home and greeted the wayward canine-escape-artist with joyous sprints and jumps—no mean feat for a 100+ lbs three legged dog.
     After arriving home and spending some time with the little minx, my wife and I went to celebratory de-stress dinner. On the way home, we removed the lamp-post flyers I’d put up and discussed how lucky we were to recover our mutt.
     She had ranged about a mile from the house. Her savior related to my wife that Bella came to her attention barking at her front door.
     “I’m not sure why she came here, but she certainly came to the right place,” she told my wife. “…not sure why,” indeed!
     “…fools and little children” it is said. I think dogs can be safely added to that list. At least this one.

     Let’s see how much damage I can do today with two meetings and a full slate of classes to teach on the schedule. I’m pretty deep in the pack, but with a little dedication and a few very good writing sessions cranked out over the up-and-coming three-day weekend and the following Thanksgiving-Day holiday week after next, I think I can at least get my nose even with the rest of the horde. We’ll see.