Launch the’’I write stories I love.
I connect with the readers who love my work.
I joyfully trade my time and creative ability for payment from those who love what I create.
I take steps each day to live my dream and make it real.
I am a writer.’’

     I have mixed emotions about starting HTTS again as this will be my third attempt since May of ‘12. I don’t know what it is, but I always seem to get stuck or distracted somewhere along the line.
     I am a mythmaker, a world builder and an admirer of Joseph Campbell. I enjoy mythology and am fascinated with the process by which cultures evolve fables and legends. I am a journaleer from way back and enjoy filling quadrangle notebooks with internal dialogue, descriptions, observations, experiences, secrets, snippets of ConLang and the occasional verse. None of which, I’m told, is good fodder for publication. Fair enough, but as a result, I have treated mythologizing, journaling and poetry as guilty pleasures, things that I did in private while under the pressure of…acceptability?…, I attempted to compose more marketable fiction—a strategy that has proven rather fruitless.
     As a high school English teacher for the last 25 years, I’ve described, dissected and digested some of the world greatest literature. I’ve done my best to instill a love of reading and an appreciation for good writing in my students. I’ve read widely. I enjoy ancient history and the classics, but I do love a good yarn and, in light of the above, unabashedly count Tolkien, Howard, Burroughs, Akers, Cornwall, Sutcliff and McCullough amongst my armchair favorites.
     Though apprehensive, I am excited to re-try HTTS along side a stalwart crew of fellow writers—the class of 2015, as Holly puts it. I’m hoping that a group-dynamic might better inspire me to sail-on when the writing-seas get rough or the doldrums set in and encourage me write that epic sword-and-sorcery myth I’ve always wanted to. I hope I can offer a helping hand or a word of encouragement to shipmates in need as well.
     I have a few “…under the bed…” manuscripts in various states of completion. I’ve successfully participated in a few NoWriMo’s, but I have published nothing, indie or otherwise. I have yet to decide on a WIP; I’m not sure whether I’ll try to resuscitate one of those earlier attempts or begin completely anew. Regardless, from this time forward, I will make no more apologies for writing what I love to write. I’m going to take the HTTS Creed above to heart and, along with my classmates, attempt to make a good go of it.
     Time is a commodity I’ll not waste another moment of.