“Yes, m’lord; my belly hurts!”

Like any other military campaign the writing of Marchers is still in limbo. I finished Finn’s project last night after almost four days of non-stop work. Though it ate up writing days, my product responses were kick-ass and I’ve finished HOL for another term. Will I sign up for Fall? Shrug. We’ll see. It depends on how Marchers is going by the time September ’10 rolls around…if it is going anywhere at all.

I feel like Draco from the Warlord.

I cannot believe how naïve I still am after all these years…all of July to write–what a ridiculous notion. No one told me that it was going to be a working (read “evil-empire-School-District-infected”) vacation, but I guess I should have assumed it after all the silly things that happened last year.

Turns out my first set of seminar in-service trainings begins tomorrow and not day-after-tomorrow as I was told. Why is it that I never seem to get accurate information out at the SD-from-hell? I do not have any of the materials—surprise, I need materials? Why are we paying $425.00 each? For what? No materials? Ah, you see? Naïve. I’ll probably have to go out to the school and see if I can find anyone who can help me get said materials. Then after the seminar its two-day’s break and I’m off to Tahoe for five more 8:00-3:30 working-vacation days. Hey, but for an additional fee, I can go see the sights and use the Olympic sized pool!

Forces of darkness score eight days out of 31. Forces of SNAFU (all military campaigns have them; just ask Gunny) score four days out of 31—and probably another today, so make that five days. So the score so far? 13 for the bad-guys and 18 for the good-guys. To put that into a word-count perspective that’s 39,000 to 54,000…can you say, “loser”?

“But…but…but…” stammers all who most decidedly do NOT understand what it takes to write.

No; fuck you. A 54,000 a 93,000 does not make. It was so over—long before it started.

“Well, with that attitude…”

Again, I say, ‘Fuck you.’ I have waited and worked hard behind the scenes to get ready for this. It is not easy to write while I’m working or trying to (settle the state of our finances for the foreseeable future), so don’t give me this song-and-dance about, “Well…you’d be 54,000 words ahead if you wrote with what time you have. If life gives you lemons make lemonade. Then, maybe next summer…”

I completely understand why people go “postal”. Yeah, but, don’t you get it? Don’t you see? It’s always. “…next summer…” And every summer for nearly 20 years a manuscript has never been finished.  I’m almost 50 years old. How many “…next summers…” you think I got?

My life is such a blade of grass.

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