“The cohort stands ready, m’lord. The wagons are assembled; the livestock are prepared. The invasion force but awaits your command.”

Wouldn’t that be peach?

The reality of it is I am most decidedly not ready. My research is not finished and my reading is not done.  My month has been compromised. Too many interruptions have occurred and are pending; in an hour and 48 minutes I’ll be at the SCOE for a second day of the HOLT training seminar. The time is not right and I am just not a writer.

I suppose though that is exactly what really is…if I allow it to.

“Your focus determines your reality.”

The “time” will never be right and I am a writer. For crying out loud, what have I been doing all summer if not writing? I’ve just not been writing what I hoped to.

Oh shut up and just write…

Originally posted in the now deleted “Marchers of Khaldenthea” blog and The Salamander’s Quill 1.0