I got too it and just wrote until things started to make sense and did 2,417 words on “The Kevodran.” It’s still nearly 2708 words behind schedule, but if I stay on target from here on out at 2000 a day, plus say 200 more, I’ll make the JulNoWriMo goal of 50k+. I’ll pat myself on the back having confirmed I can stay with one subject and crank out that many manuscript words.

I need to tighten up the writing routine though. If I don’t, more interruptions will intrude: birthdays, leaky ponds, etc. All of these things are legitimate concerns and need my attention, but so does my writing. Too long I’ve allowed others to dictate my writing routines and habits and as a result I have none. I have nothing but the hunger to want to do it and the guilt for failing. Case in point, I signed up for the AugNoWriMo. I have only two weeks in August and that is putting it nicely as I’ve got to go out to school and work during those last two weeks. If I don’t have a tight strict writing schedule, the school year will start and all my efforts will have gone to waste as academic demands once again eclipses my literary dreams. If I can finish convincing myself that I can sit and crank out 2000 in three hours, I might be able to carry on after August 16th. The sitting alone part in the quiet just me and the ‘puter’s blank page is no problem; it’s not answering the tiny distractions that bug and juggling the big distractions I can’t avoid (job, home, family and other passions) that robs my writing.

13-days and counting to build a fortress that will protect this vulnerable habit from the howling horde of high school don’t-give-a-shits (both student and staff) that will kill it. I’m planting my flag, here and now! I must write. If I cannot write in a significant way, I’ll have to learn to live without doing it. I cannot daily witness the love of my life, my most beautiful muse taken from me by barbarians. Better to move on and give it up than to go insane with frustration and have my dreams abused for yet another year.

Originally posted in the now deleted “Marchers of Khaldenthea” blog and The Salamander’s Quill 1.0