Well, I made it to my personal JulNoWriMo goal of 62,174 words and I’m pretty pleased. No, I’m bloody amazed and giddy and so, so very happy. Not only does it bring the present manuscript grand total to 74,489, but it represents a serious milestone for me. I know know…KNOW…I can. Armed with that undeniable knowledge, I can’t say can’t anymore.

I know a lot of folk are relieved when they reach the 50k mark, proud of their achievement for sure, but happy nonetheless the pressure is off. I know this because I’ve been checking out their blogs XD , but for me reaching my goal simply inspires me to keep on writing, not necessarily more, but to pursue the story to its end. Rather than relief then, I’m stoked and feel a giddy eagerness and look forward to continuing on, further developing my stories, my characters and myself.

The whole WriMo experience was really a self-imposed test to see if I could produce enough, get involved strongly enough, stay disciplined enough to write a substantial manuscript. I’ll not call it a novel as it’s far from done. Because of that however, I’ve signed up for the AugNoWriMo so I can do just that. At a rough guess, I’m going to say I need another 20 to 25k to finish the manuscript? It think however, I’m going to commit to 50k more. Like I said, The Kevodran will be done in half as many words, but for the remainder I’ll get Three Moon-Maidens of the shelf and continue with that manuscript to finish out the 50k.

I suppose this will be another self-imposed test in the sense that with school starting right in the middle of the month, I’ll have had two weeks of fairly uninterrupted writing time, honey-dos and leaky koi pond aside, to finish The Kevodran (fingers crossed). The last 25k, however, will have to be accomplished with the pressure of school dominating my time. Can I handle that 1613 word-a-day minimum and be a good husband, do my job, handle the commute,  practice my pipes, walk the dogs, have Quiet Time and get some sleep?

I guess, I’ll see.

Originally posted in The Salamander’s Quill 1.0 now deleted.