My God! What a fight to stay awake and write even a few lines. I am getting to bed at a descent hour and sleeping fairly well, though I’m sure what I call fairly well would not be called so by “normal” people. Every sentence or two I doze off. I don’t get it. Could the evenings struggling with my pipes be to blame? I did got to bed and hour later than usual as I wanted to hang out with the wife after she got home from work. Was it letting the dogs out at 02:45? Or is it something more sinister? What ever, it’s pissing me off and I’m tired of it…LOL…get it? Tired? and I’m not writing like I should.

If I’m crashed out at 21:00 and sleep to 04:00, how do I get more sleep and restful sleep at that? Sleep longer? Sleep longer = no writing. No bagpiping? Might as well say, “no eating.” Yesterday I wasn’t this tired. Shit…I had breakfast today before I wrote; yesterday afterward–though truth be told I didn’t get a whole lot done then either. That, however, was because of Ravven’s killer music machine (thanks a lot, Red!). Seriously though, it’s 05:45, I’m about to step on to the daily conveyer belt and won’t get a break until 16:00 and all I can think about it a nap. Dare I say it? My day needs to be longer than 24 hours…that and I need to lose weight.

Originally posted in The Salamander’s Quill 1.0 now deleted.