It’s Thursday and I’m looking back over the days since I last posted here wondering if things have gotten better. I’ll have to admit they have. The storm has somewhat subsided: the car—the gods adore you, my brother—is repaired; the bills are paid and I have money for groceries and gasoline (not much else); the dog’s chemo treatment was successfully administered; our neighbor fixed the fence between the yards and paid for it himself (bless him!); my last few lessons have met with my expectations and I have been able to write a bit.
     I’m still struggling with a few social contracts and work demands such as the dissertation editing I’m doing for a colleague—hey, at least he’s paying me!; the demand on my time to edit and score senior portfolios before Easter Break—only 40+ more to go…counting “re-do’s…that’s over 400 documents*; and a pile of essays and assignments three feet tall with grades due by Monday at 6:00 a.m.—I know where this weekend is going.
     Where do family and friends fit in? Where ever they can.
     Still, things have gotten better. I have been able to get at my chosen time (4:00 a.m.) and after my morning meditation—something I sorely need to keep the ‘hounds at bay’—I’ve been able to do some writing. Today, it’s here. Tomorrow, on my manuscript.
     Another bright spot on the writing horizon is Holly Lisle’s reboot-upgrade of her “How To Think Sideways” course. As a legacy member, I’ve been given access to the new lessons and they look great. I plan to start over sometime this week…or next. I only got through lesson six when last year’s NaNoWriMo came up and I was distracted. I’m very thorough when studying the lessons, probably more so than most. I guess it comes from being a teacher, but my method is very time consuming for all its thoroughness. If, however, I back off a bit and follow the course timeline as presented, I can be done with it in a few months and feel I gave it a good effort. I’m excited to try. I’m hoping I can get in with a group of other writers this time and we can help each other along.
     The coffee pot just alerted me it’s time to head on out into the fray. Minds to bend and all that.

     *As an aside, the district is paying me for 25 hours of portfolio work…never mind I used up that 25 hours nearly 25 hours ago :-T and it takes nearly 75 hours to pull this portfolio business off.
     School District Voice of Authority: “Pay you for those 50 hours? Ha, surely you jest; learn to work harder, faster or move to another district. Oh? No one will take your years of experience? Too bad. Still, it is your choice…”