I Like What I Do Because     Today I started a project I have been thinking about for sometime: a new blog-page entitled “I Like What I Do Because…”. My experiences as a wannabe writer are made possible because I am an educator. At times I resent this order of precedence and wish it were writing that I had chosen to come first all those years ago rather than education. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching, but I hate the bullshit and political games surrounding it. I despise the disingenuous who cry for reform and change but are not willing to fight the battles and actually do the uncomfortable things required to make those changes. Even after almost a quarter of a century hard at it, I become discouraged in the light of such and wonder why I chose as I did. A page highlighting some of the reasons I teach, some of the great experiences I have had as an educator, could be just what I need to remind me of why I like what I do.
     The link is at the top of the site.