I’m still working on the report/course description/a – g template monster mentioned in my last post…that monstrosity about which words fail to make anyone understand what a overwhelming task it is. I think I’ve died and gone to hell and found out it’s a place where ivory-tower demons pile on endless paper work and force the teacher to describe one of their classes in ancient Babylonian—which he does not speak. All the while imp-bureaucrats wearing suits worth more than my monthly pay-check and sporting U.S. congressional security badges threaten to reject the teacher’s students as, “…sub-standard…inferior…” and the class as, “…without merit…hardly college preparatory…”. A giant hour glass keeps time, but rather than sand, its lower chamber fills with student heads spouting random facts and fallacies. The upper chamber always runs out just as the report is nearly finished and it bursts into flame to the laughter and angry cries of the demons, who force a new and different form on the teacher and demand he now write it in Aramaic.
     I’m so late on this, it’s nearly criminal. It’s not for a lack of trying, however. I took Friday off to work on it; that was mostly a bust as I scoured the internet for a sample reports or any hint of help. I worked on it Saturday morning before my bagpipe teacher arrived from L.A. Sunday night I did a little and spent most of the day yesterday at it. It’s still not done and regardless of my ignorance or inability, it’s my responsibility. I just wish I had a sample to give me a hint as to what this thing is supposed to look like rather than having to guess at it and hope I’m on the right track.
     Oh, well. “Burnin’ daylight,” as they say. Hopefully this experience will make me a bit more careful with and appreciative of my creative time. Until then, it’s back to it. I plan to give my charges a “reading day” today while I work on this at school. LOL…now there’s the irony and the ugliness: to finish a description of the teaching of a class, I give the class a day without teaching. What a joke 😦